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The Forestary Concept

Cremation has been gaining popularity over the years. Many societies and religions have approved of cremations over burials.

Cremations in the United States are rapidly approaching 50% as compared to burials in cemeteries.

Forestary offers an additional service to people who select cremation. By letting Forestary take the cremains and place them in the ground with a tree over them your remains will be absorbed into the living tree and you will be renewed as a living object as long as the planet earth is with us.

Over the years you have used the earth’s oxygen and deposited carbon dioxide in its place. Now this is your opportunity to replace that oxygen with a tree allowing your remains to provide nutrients for your tree.

Your family and pets may elect to join you in a true family tree. As long as the planet remains alive you will be contributing to its life and future generations.

The Forestary E-Visit (US Patent 7716796B2)